Anti-aging and well-being or perhaps well-being and anti-aging?

What a person should deeply understand over the course of their life is how to maintain their health on every level, regardless of the decade they are in. Of course, we are talking about proper nutrition, regular exercise, connecting with nature, daily meditation or prayer, and managing mental and emotional stress. The most dynamic and […]

Learning disabilities and Quantum Biofeedback

How can we effectively help a child struggling in school in the era we live in? Have you, as parents and educators, ever wondered how you can effectively assist a dyslexic child, a child with learning difficulties? You, as parents who want to help your child unfold their intelligence effectively, the misunderstood child who appears […]


Orgone energy is the cosmic life force, the fundamental creative power known to individuals who are in contact with nature. Hypotheses about this energy have been made by physicists, and its existence has been objectively measured and proven. Orgone was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who identified many of its fundamental properties. For example, orgone […]