Quantum Physics & Quantum Medicine

If we want to understand life, we must understand energy and its flow, as Tesla said.

However, we live in a three-dimensional spacetime through our senses, perceiving existence.

In essence, we become confused in a ‘division’ of our overall energy quality.

Things are completely different when we can enter the ‘whole,’ that is, our own energy field, which coexists and resides within the total energy field of the entire planet, galaxy, and universe.

Through Physics, it is proven that E=mc^2. This equation by Einstein has been the gateway to the realization that there is a continuous exchange between matter and energy. On the other hand, we know that each cell has its own electromagnetic field, which coordinates with other cells, thus forming an organ. Modern Physics allows us to measure its functionality due to its overall electromagnetic field

Within the human organism, there are co-functionings and collaborations between organs and emotions, which have been established for over 5000 years by traditional Chinese medicine. Using modern devices of Western science that have the capability to measure the electromagnetic fields of neurotransmitters, proteins produced in our body when various emotions overtake us, we can evaluate what happens within the system of each organism in an emotional, conscious, unconscious, and subconscious field, for each individual separately.

So, how interesting does it sound to be able to transform information that triggers stress-inducing results and difficulties in our daily lives? The answer to this question (which is entirely personal for each individual) is provided by technology and the use of Quantum Biofeedback devices (SCIO, QX-ED, Eductor).

External stress-inducing factors, including injuries, detachment from nature and natural way of life, electromagnetic fields that now surround us, chemical substances in soil and water, as well as internal stress-inducing factors like diet, emotional stress, congenital bodily damages, enzymes, digestive and hormonal dysfunctions, distort the correct energy exchange within cells and their pulsating frequency. Consequently, the organism deviates from its proper function.

Quantum Biofeedback machines offer the cells the opportunity to re-educate themselves to the proper functional frequencies, thus preventing the loss of energy, strength, and any form of stress. When cells return to their pre-determined positive functional frequencies, we can ensure a connection with the ‘whole’ of the organism, where everything operates in the perfection and wisdom of nature.

Through Quantum Biofeedback, we can easily and non-invasively achieve self-regulation and balance. From the matrix (information matrix), we read the information of each organism at a given moment. Just as information comes to the machine from the organism, the machine returns the information to its proper functional frequency, with the absence of space-time, meaning everything happens in the here and now. For example, a grief or fear that has been bothering us and stressing us for years can be neutralized, even if we don’t remember exactly when it happened, especially if it occurred during intrauterine life. If we do remember the moment of shock or trauma, we can release ourselves from that moment and all post-traumatic stress, thus experiencing the present differently.

It’s worth trying the results of such an action at any moment in our lives, for any small or big occasion. Each of us deserves to enjoy the benefits of the 21st century, and why not in our own place, in Chania

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