Learning disabilities and Quantum Biofeedback

How can we effectively help a child struggling in school in the era we live in?

Have you, as parents and educators, ever wondered how you can effectively assist a dyslexic child, a child with learning difficulties?

You, as parents who want to help your child unfold their intelligence effectively, the misunderstood child who appears lazy or sluggish, the child who speaks hesitantly, omitting syllables or words, the child who struggles to remember and carry out simple verbal instructions, who becomes uninterested for no reason and does not progress.

Medical terms that scare, such as dysgraphia, dysorthographia, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and so many other concepts and complex terminologies that invade the family’s everyday vocabulary and cause anxiety, mental pain, and conflicts between parents and children who don’t know how to handle it.

Our cells emit and receive energy all the time. This exchange happens with a pulsating frequency. The potential frequency of cells (derived from a mathematical relationship of voltage-intensity-resistance) and their overall exchange for the organism to function perfectly change when mental, physical, or environmental blocks-stress occur.

Chaotic toxic vibrations from the outside, such as mobile phones, wireless devices, antennas, etc., also affect the smooth cell exchange and “detune” the body.

Devices that utilize Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine give the body the ability to reveal and then correct itself by retraining the cells to correct frequencies non-invasively, in accordance with their roles.

With complete safety, changes in the skin’s voltage-intensity-resistance, where electrodes are applied at low, imperceptible voltage, are recorded and the necessary corrections are made. This ensures that the organism does not deviate from proper functionality and uses “automatic survival pilots.”

Thus, Quantum Biofeedback, through state-of-the-art technologies used in the clinic, clears thoughts, reduces pain, relieves and corrects dysfunctions of the organism.

Regarding learning difficulties (concentration, memory, mathematical and analytical thinking, learning foreign languages, dyslexia, etc.) and developmental difficulties of the organism, Quantum Biofeedback can potentially offer cell retraining, so that any energy flow blockage in the organism is restored along with any dysfunction it has caused in the physical or psychological body.

Children, who often experience their parents’ stress, can easily release psychologically without questions, through emotional mapping, which helps us diagnose their deep-seated issues, which they naturally can’t describe, but also correct them in that moment.

Thus, family tranquility is restored, the child’s development becomes smoother, and many problems that manifest in the body, dermatological, respiratory, hormonal, etc., find their solution.

Moreover, memories and traumas, for example, a difficult childbirth or others, can be explored and erased, so that the organism’s evolution is no longer affected by them.

Quantum Biofeedback detects nutritional deficiencies, redefines hormonal imbalances, supports the enzymatic digestive and gastrointestinal system, while simultaneously identifying food intolerances.

The method is gentle on the organism, relaxing during treatment, and its results are monitored at any time through measurements that take a specific amount of time, which is also determined by the machine. So, the patient is called for the next appointment if needed.

But even earlier, during pregnancy, the embryo and mother are adequately supported, non-pharmacologically and safely, from the first to the ninth month, with more specific programs.

Food intolerance is a significant biological factor, and possibly Dr. Bach’s flower remedies, as well as some vitamins that are accurately diagnosed as the organism’s needs, are keys to solving problems at any age.

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