Anti-aging and well-being or perhaps well-being and anti-aging?

What a person should deeply understand over the course of their life is how to maintain their health on every level, regardless of the decade they are in.

Of course, we are talking about proper nutrition, regular exercise, connecting with nature, daily meditation or prayer, and managing mental and emotional stress. The most dynamic and immediate method for recording stress-inducing factors that affect us daily and negotiating hormonal, nutritional, biochemical, emotional, and mental stress is Quantum Biofeedback.

Through personalized programs related to either aging or beauty, Quantum Biofeedback, a modern method based on the combination of discoveries by great researchers such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Alessandro Volta, among others, and the use of special devices, provides easy solutions in the aforementioned areas.

This method supports and complements every medical consultation with the energy status of each organism, because it matters. As stress decreases, life becomes more beautiful and longer.

It is the only method that deals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), essentially identifying and “erasing” any such information that may harm us without us even knowing it.

Personal beauty programs (dr. Gage Tarrant’s SENSO) not only enhance our well-being and anti-aging efforts but also every moment of our lives, ensuring us the ability to explore and even transform behaviors that have “stuck” with us.

How is this achieved? Through neuropeptides and neurotransmitters that send new messages to the brain so that it can better receive and transmit information from the internal (the organism) and external social environment.

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