Orgone energy is the cosmic life force, the fundamental creative power known to individuals who are in contact with nature. Hypotheses about this energy have been made by physicists, and its existence has been objectively measured and proven. Orgone was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who identified many of its fundamental properties. For example, orgone energy charges and radiates from all living and non-living matter. It can easily penetrate all forms of matter, albeit at different speeds. All materials influence orgone energy, attracting and absorbing it or repelling and reflecting it. Orgone can be seen, photographed, felt, and measured. It’s a real, physical energy and not just a metaphorical, hypothetical force.

Orgone also exists in free form in the atmosphere and the void of space. It’s excitable, compressible, expandable, and contractible, and capable of spontaneous pulsation. It’s a medium that is everywhere, a cosmic ocean of dynamic, moving energy that unites the entire material universe. All living beings, weather systems, and planets are affected by its pulsations and movements.

Orgone energy can be measured using specially modified Geiger counters. It’s also the medium through which electromagnetic disturbances are transmitted, bearing a resemblance to the older concept of the ether, although it’s not electromagnetic in nature itself. Its properties come more from life itself, bearing a similarity to the old concept of a vital force – élan vital. Unlike these older notions, however, orgone has been found to exist in a form without mass, in the atmosphere and in space. It’s a primal, primordial cosmic life force, while all other forms of energy are secondary in their nature. We can use and harness it for well-being and the resolution of significant health issues.

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