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Christina Bitzanaki

Mrs. Christina Bitzanaki is a dentist specializing in the therapeutic method of Su Jok. She graduated in 1991 from the Dental Medicine Institute of the Plovdiv Academy with a degree of ‘Very Good.’ In 2005, she published the book ‘Su Jok and Moxa’ in Greek, dedicated to those seeking health and harmony.

She has trained in Su Jok, microacupuncture, magnet therapy, and seed therapy alongside renowned teachers from Russia and Sweden. She teaches Su Jok in Greece and collaborates with the Balkan representative. She has publications about her method in alternative magazines. Her journey towards knowledge never stops


Frequently Asked Questions

It is the most advanced method for detecting stress-inducing factors that can lead to cognitive, emotional, or physical dysfunction.

By utilizing modern devices, whose sensors transmit data concerning functional deviations in the body through frequencies, which are gathered via body temperature

Through Quantum Biofeedback, we can support a wide spectrum of dysfunctions such as anxiety, inflammations, physical well-being, immune system enhancement, intolerance testing, and more

Yes, it is a safe method, non-invasive, without the use of drugs or any other substances. Sessions are conducted in a calm environment and it is recommended to be applied by healthcare professionals.

Stress management, deep relaxation and discharge, overall rejuvenation of the self.

In some individuals, the effects are immediate, while in others, the impact becomes noticeable within 24 hours.

Yes, in relation to stress-inducing factors that may lead to further pathologies, and only when administered by healthcare professionals. It always acts as a complement to any other medical examinations

In Greece, there are healthcare professionals practicing the method in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Chania who have been practicing for several years. It is recommended to seek out a professional who has undergone proper training and certification in Quantum Biofeedback.


Su Jok & Moxa

Sujok therapy is a new, previously unknown aspect of acupuncture that is accessible, effective, and applicable to every individual.

It was discovered a few years ago by South Korean scientist, university professor, and Ph.D. Pak Jae Woo. This therapy is considered one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th century.



Orgone energy is the cosmic life force, the fundamental creative power known to individuals who are in contact with nature.