In the Chronoacupuncture and Antistress system, there is the possibility for someone to be able to ‘forget’ and unload from intense memories of specific moments in their life that have altered the course of their daily routine, e.g.

‘Ever since I lost my father, I have difficulty sleeping.’
‘Ever since the accident happened, I have had this pain.’ etc…

In the palm of our hand, there is an accurate (not random) record of the year, month, day, and even hour. By stimulating these points and creating neuro-transmission using Su Jok needles, the mind is freed from specific memories that stress the body and hinder the flow of life.

Regarding the stress of everyday life that we all experience, Auricular therapy, whether with micro-needles, seeds, or semi-precious stones placed in specific positions on the ear, relieves us, giving us the ability for a more comprehensive perception of our reality every hour and moment, without persistent thoughts and memories that weigh us down

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